prints & licensing sertifika kucuk

All works of the artist are printed with only the best archival artistic papers. Artist’s works have been published in two types of prints:

OPEN EDITIONS: Not limited.

LIMITED EDITIONS: This type of edition is a limited edition of a particular image produced in a given size. Prints of a photo can be produced over time, in different printers, with different inks or with different papers, so they may differ slightly among themselves. In some cases, the artist can limit the different print sizes of the work to different quantities. For example, smaller prints of the work can be produced in more versions and larger prints in fewer editions. In some cases, the artist can limit the number of prints of a certain size, but he can offer smaller prints on the basis of an open edition. Such limitations vary from series to series and will be specified in the certificate of authenticity to be delivered to you.

The limitation in the number of prints for limited prints is valid only for fine art prints signed for exhibition purposes. It does not limit the artist’s right to reproduce the image on his website, in a book (commercially published, self-published or handmade), on a card, or to use the image for use in posters, calendars or advertisements or any other use. Of course, the popularization of any of my images with commercial use will increase the value of limited edition fine art prints. The artist keeps the copyright and all related rights. People who buy prints do not purchase a license to recreate an artist’s business or any intellectual property. The recipient has no right to duplicate, copy or physically alter the image. What a print buyer receives is physical pressure that the buyer can view, borrow, sell or give as they see fit. Finally, photo prints should be stored properly. This means that they should only be presented/framed under glass or plexiglass using acid-free archive materials. It should not be kept in direct sunlight for a long time or be exposed to extreme heat, cold or moisture.

Prices are based on two variables: the size of the print and the number of versions of the print.

Open edition photos will be cheaper than limited editions, and the price of limited editions will vary depending on the size of the version and the number available. The artist tries to accommodate photos at various prices. Prices range from $100 for a small print of an open edition version image to a thousand dollars for a limited edition.

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